Office 365 Configuration for archiving only

Create a Journal Contacts

Enter in a First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Alias,Mailsphere's journal email addresses and, and select Save. The purpose of the two contacts is to journal all emails.

Journal all messages to Mailsphere

To access the relevant administration screen select:

  1. Compliance Management
  2. Journal Rules
  3. Send underliverable journal reports to

Journal Rule

Add a new journal rule using the + sign. Send journal reports to:

Set the rule name to: Mailsphere Journal

1.Select "Apply to all message" from the first drop down list.

2. Select "All messages" from the second drop down list.

You may now save the new journal rule and all emails will be archived in Mailsphere. You may be warned that no NDR recipient is set up. If you wish to set up an NDR recipient please follow the Microsoft guidelines

Create a Custom Connector

As this connector will be used to send email from Office365 to external domains select 'Office 365' in the From field and 'Partner  organization' in the To field. Click Next to continue.

Provide an easy to understand name for your new connector, we recommend 'Mailsphere Journal'. Click Next to continue.

Unlike the Mailsphere primary connector this connector will only be used  when a rule redirects to it. Please select the top radio button "Only  when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this  connector". Click Next to continue.

So we can ensure that the email reaches its destination please ensure  the bottom option is selected "Route email through these smart hosts"and add there. Click Next to continue.

We recommend that TLS encryption should be left enabled. Only if you  find errors delivering to email addresses as part of this rule should  you consider disabling this protection. Click Next to continue, review the configuration and click Next again to save the configuration.

  Validate your configuration

You will now be asked to validate the connector. To do this add an external email address, such as a gmail, hotmail or email address of a domain not connected to the Office 365 tenant you are configuring.  Once the validation for the email address has succeeded you can click Save to confirm your configuration.

Create a mailflow rule

In the Mail Flow admin screen, select Rules and use + button to 'Create a new rule'.

Please select "The recipient" "is this person" and choose Click Save to continue.

Please select the 'Mailsphere Journal' connector that you created in the  previous steps. Note that this also automatically generates a rule title for you.

You may now save the new tranport rule and all emails will be archived in Mailsphere.