Logging on for the first time

Login Screen

The first time you need to logon to the Mailsphere portal you can use the 'First time here?' link below the sign in button.

1. First Time User

1. First Time User

Enter your email address, this must be the email address that is being filtered by Mailsphere, and then select 'Get started'

2. Invitation Sent Confirmation

At this point a confirmation will appear that your invitation has been delivered to your mailbox.  To complete the next step you will need to open the email client that you use with that email address.

3. Email Invitation

3. Email Invitation

You will find an email waiting for you from notification@mailsphere.mx.  The link provided will allow you to set your own password.  This link will only remain valid for 24 hours so we recommend setting your password straight away.

4. Choose Password

On selecting the link you will be requested to define a password.  Please enter the password and confirm it in the fields provided.  The minimum password length is 8 characters.

5. Password confirmation

Once you have entered a valid password a confirmation will be presented.  You may now enter your email address and password to access the Mailsphere portal.

6. First look

6. First look

Once you login you will see the four main options in the menu at the top of the screen.  Inbox will give you access to all your received email and the ability to search your personal archive.  Likewise, Sent gives you access to all emails you have sent.

Any emails identified as Spam will appear in their own dedicated folder.  The emails will not have been delivered to your email inbox.

Finally, Settings allows you to modify your password as well as define your own personal whitelist.