Search my personal archive

Mailsphere provides an advanced email archive that can be relied upon to retrieve your email in the event of disaster recovery or accidental data loss.

Basic Search

From within the Inbox menu option you can start a basic search by entering any word, recipient or sender email address or name to return quick results.

If you find that you have too many results appearing with the basic search then the advanced search feature is just a click away.  The + sign next to the search button will open up the advanced search form.

Advanced Search Form

The advanced search form allows for different fields to be searched and for different locations or date ranges of email to be filtered.

Use the following fields to filter your search:

  1. Select which range of dates you wish to include in your search.  Select the length of time from the drop down and a date in the second part of the search criteria.
  2. Select which sender you wish to filter by.  This can either be a full email address or persons name or just part of the email address or name.  For example you could search on a companies domain to see all emails sent to you by that company.
  3. Enter a recipients name or email address to filter around this individual. Like with the sender you can either enter a complete email address or partial.  This is often helpful when you remember that the email was sent to you and your colleague. By entering your colleagues email address you will only see emails that you were both included on.
  4. Subject allows you to search on any words or partial words that appear in either the subject line of the body of the email and attachments.
  5. Search for partial text matches. Use the * as a wildcard incase you can't remember the exact word or phrase you are looking for.
  6. The legitimate button shows all the legitimate emails. The spam button shows all the spam emails. The all button shows all the results.

Once you have entered the information in the form, click on the search button to retrieve the results.

Tip: try building your search step by step. Sometimes if you search on too many fields at the same time you will receive no results.