Microsoft Outlook Sender Trust User Guide

What are the benefits?

This tool will give you the sender details which are useful to indentify the message.  We can always submit a request to add that sender to Mailsphere's blacklist if the message isn't a legitimate email.

  1. We need to select the incoming email from Outlook. Click 'get sender details' to review the sender's information.
  2. Click 'Submit Blacklist Sedner Request' to blacklist the sender.

Sender details

  1. Select one email from Outlook.
  2. Click 'get sender details'
  3. Now we are able to review sender details. e.g. trust, IP, Domain, Country, etc.

What is the Trust rating?

The trust rating falls into 4 categories:

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Good The senders domain is considered to have a good trust level
Low Risk The senders domain has a low level of risk
Medium Risk The senders domain has a medium level of risk
High Risk The senders domain has a high risk and should be treated with caution

Trust is calculated based on where in the world email originated from, whether replying to the email will go to the same address as it was sent from as well as whether the email domain has an accepted internet presence.

Submit Blacklist Sender Request

  1. Select the incoming message from Outlook.
  2. Click 'Submit Blacklist Sender Request ' .
  3. Now we are able to see the the light blue button' SUBMIT BLACKLIST SENDER REQUEST'. Mailsphere will receive the blacklist sender request once this button has been clicked.

The request will be sent to Mailsphere where it will be applied to your organisations blacklist.