Email Footers

The feature allows the administrator the ability to update the email footer that is used in any outbound email. The email footer can be used to define a default signature or add a disclaimer to the bottom of all emails going to external addresses.

Note: internal emails will not receive this email footer as they are not processed by Mailsphere before delivery to the internal recipient.

Organisation selection and the ownership of the settings

The drop down list visible at the top of the screen is only valid if you have multiple organisations that you administer. The message below this will inform you whether the current email footer was defined by your system administrator or by your domain administrator. You will have permission to change in either case but if you are unsure about a change it is helpful to know who updated this before.

HTML Footer

HTML Footer

Most email systems support rich text content. This means that you can set up an HTML footer to define you preferred font, style, positioning and help make your email footer stand out.

Text Footer

Once you have completed your HTML footer simply select the 'Generate Text footer from HTML version' to populate the Text footer with the text from your HTML footer. You can then update the positioning of this so that email systems or clients that don't support rich text emails will still receive your email footer.

Once you have completed this remember to Save Footers. After saving your footers will be active with new email bound for external recipients.