Spam Notifications

Spam notifications are a vital part of the Mailsphere system.  These notify the email users if they have Spam being held in the Mailsphere system.  The notifications also enable the user to release the Spam if they believe the email to be of legitimate business.

The time and quantify of Spam notifications is defined by the domain administrator and can be modified easily.  At Mailsphere we recommend setting 2 notifications for business days.  So if your business operates between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday we recommend a notification near the start of the day (e.g. 10am) and a notification towards the end of the day (e.g. 5pm) running on Monday to Friday.

Quarantine report content control allows an organisation to control what is included in the quarantine report.

Organisation selection and setting ownership

Organisation selection and setting ownership

The drop down list allows you to select the organisation for this setting and is only valid if you manage multiple organisations.

The message displayed below this confirms who has current ownership of the Spam notifications.  Regardless of who has current ownership you will still be able to modify the setting.

Spam Notification setting options

The Spam Notification settings are controlled using the following options:

  1. Frequency
  2. Hour
  3. Quarter hour (15 minute intervals)

Day or Week

Selecting either day or week will mean that you can either send the notification at the same time(s) ever day of the week or on only selected days.  To configure the example configuration at the top of this article we will select 'week'.

Select the days

With week selected an additional day selector appears.  This list shows all the days of the week and these can be made active by selecting each one individually.  If you wish to deactivate one then simply select it again.  The blue shading means the day is active and the grey shading means that it is deactivated.

Hour selection

With the days selected the hour can now be defined using the 24 hour clock.  Similarly to the day selector the hour selector allows for multiple hours to be selected.  Simply select 10 followed by 17 to specify 10am and 5pm.  Select another part of the screen to close the hour selector.

Quarter hour selection

If you wish to also specify a set number of minutes in the day then you can selected between 0, 15, 30 or 45 minutes on the defined hours.  Unlike with the day and hour selector only one of these options can be selected.

Quarantine Report Content Control

The drop down list will contain the following 3 options:

Include all spam ( Include spam score > 5.0)

Exclude high scoring spam ( Exclude spam score > 25)

Exclude high & medium scoring spam ( Exclude spam score > 10.0)

Completed configuration

With the above configuration you have now defined a Spam notification to be sent every Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday , Sunday and high scoring spam, at 10am and 5pm.

Remember to select Save Notification Settings to confirm your update to these settings.