Availability Monitoring

This article looks at the availability monitor and how the data can be explored.  The availability monitor is accessible via the Organisations menu.

Mailsphere Dashboard

The availability monitor has the following controls:

  1. On entering the availability monitor you can select which organisation you would like to monitor using the drop down menu.
  2. The quick zoom options allow you to view the last minute, 30 minutes, hour or the last 24 hours.
  3. The bars clearly display the successes against any delivery failures. Clicking on a bar will display the detail in a table below.
  4. The light blue bar can be easily trimmed to focus on a specific area of time. This may help when dealing with 100's of emails appearing in a single bar.
  5. When filter options have been used and new data is available the Refresh button will become active.  This will reset any filters applied and show the new data.
  6. The data can be filtered by temporary or permanent failures.
  7. A specific domain can be selected to filter by in case the issues are limited to one domain only.

Mail flow detail

On selecting one of the bars in the graph the detail that makes up that bar will be displayed in a table.  

  1. If you are investigating a specific email you can use the search field to look for a senders email address or domain name.
  2. The intended recipients are displayed for easy identification of common issues the email administrator can resolve.
  3. The Domain and Mail Server of the successful or failed delivery are displayed.
  4. The result includes details of the type of failure.

Clicking on any of these records will open the email view in the private admin view.  This will allow you to see more details about attempted deliveries of that email and confirm whether a success was eventually reached.