Full Access Administrator Request

The default administrators access allows configuration control and access to subject lines, delivery reports and spam reports of the whole organisations email archive.  If an organisation requires full access of the email archive a formal request must be submitted to grant this permission.  The request must be approved by a registered director of the company.

How to request the increased permission

To request the full access administrator permission please download the following template.

Mailsphere Ful Access Request Form

  • Print out the form on company letterhead paper.
  • Complete the areas highlighted and ensure that it is approved with a signature by a registered director of the company or higher.
  • Once the form has been completed please return the completed form to support@mailsphere.co.uk
  • A Mailsphere representative will perform checks on the information provided to confirm eligibility of the request.
  • Once the request has been granted, the permission change will be made and a confirmation email will be sent to the requestor.