Overview Office 365 - Archive Only

The following article covers the highlevel process for setting up an Office 365 tenant with Mailsphere for Archive only.

Schedule Example

The following provides a guide to the implementation schedule that will be performed.


  • Access to the Office 365 account you wish to integrate with ensuring the user has administration access to the Exchange admin center.
  • The latest copy of the Mailsphere Office 365 Archive Only configuration guide.


  1. Add and configure a new organisation. Minimum fields required are Organisation Name and Tenant ID for Office 365 integration.
  2. Enable the Office 365 Connector.
  3. Check Domains and Users are synchronised in Mailsphere.
  4. Configure the Journal rule including the addition of the contact email address to send the Journal email to.
  5. Configure new send connector in Office 365 following the Mailsphere Office 365 Archive Only configuration guide.
  6. Configure the Mailflow rule to send all Journal emails through the dedicated Mailsphere connector.
  7. Check the status of the mail ingestion.
  8. Disable any users that you do not wish to archive in the Mailsphere Users editor.

Onboarding Integration

Onboarding Integration

The first diagram shows the integration points between the Mailsphere onboarding services.

All the traffic between Office 365 and Mailsphere network is performed over HTTPS.

The Mailsphere Office 365 connector is easy to apply and will discover all other configurations in a matter of seconds.

Journal Mail Delivery

Outbound Mail Delivery

The flow of journal mail delivery is demonstrated by the above diagram.

The dedicated Office 365 outbound connector will need to be configured using the following details for use by Mailflow rules: