The following article demonstrates the integration points used by a client or partner of Mailsphere.

Schedule Example

The following provides a guide to the implementation schedule that will be performed.


  1. Configure Mailsphere organisations and domain
  2. Configure routing and firewalls
  3. Synchronise users
  4. Configure new receive connectors
  5. Configure Mailsphere system settings
  6. Configure new smarthost
  7. Change MX records
  8. Ingest old emails
  9. Remove old receive connectors and smarthost

Steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 can take place on the same day.  The Mailsphere organisations and domain configuration takes only 30 minutes and completes the preparation in Mailsphere for receiving user data and email communication tests.  With the relevant resource available at both sides for Mailsphere, Exchange and networking all these activities can be completed in 2 hours.

Once the users have been synchronised and the email and communication tests have been completed.  The system can be made live by completing the Mailsphere configuration, setting up a new smarthost and updating the MX records.  Mailsphere configuration is relatively simple and will take no more than 2 hours with the right information available.  Adding a new smarthost and updating the MX records will take no more than 1 hour.  Steps 5, 6 & 7 can all be performed on the same day.

Once the MX record propagation has completed successfully and email is flowing through Mailsphere then the old receive connector and smarthost can be removed from Exchange.  This takes no more than 1 hour.  The ingestion of old email takes place at this point as it is important to make sure Mailsphere receives everything.  The Exchange ingestion method is only necessary if you do not have an archive to ingest from currently.  The ingestion will run as a background task and is dependant on the size of the archive being ingested.

Onboarding Integration

Onboarding Integration

The first diagram shows the integration points between the Mailsphere onboarding services.

All the traffic between the local network and Mailsphere network is performed over HTTPS.

To configure the onboarding script the user will need administrator access to the server that Exchange runs on and to run a powershell script and create a new user.

Inbound Mail Delivery

Inbound Mail Delivery

This diagram demonstrates the flow of email being sent into the supported domain.

The email system needs to have its receive connector configured to allow SMTP traffic from:



Outbound Mail Delivery

Outbound Mail Delivery

The flow of outbound mail delivery is demonstrated by the above diagram.

The email system and firewalls will need to be configured with a Smarthost using the following details allowing SMTP traffic:



MX Records

The MX records will either be communicated at the time of onboarding or the default options will be used:

Default MX records are:

Priority 10 - eu1.mailsphere.mx

Priority 20 - eu2.mailsphere.mx

Update the SPF record

To update the SPF record please follow this guide: