Attachment Policy Notifications

The attachment policies applied to all incoming email.  When an incoming email violates the attachment policy it is processed in a similar way to a virus. The email is destroyed, the sender notified that delivery was not possible and a notification is sent based on the Virus Settings

System - Virus Settings

System - Virus Settings

The Virus settings allow you to define whether all recipients receive a notification of a destroyed email or whether only an administrator or nobody receives these notifications.  

We recommend that someone receives a notification so that internal enquiries can be better handled.  For administrators routing to a single mailbox could be a good option if your users don't wish to receive these notifications.  That way you can monitor the occurrence and supply informed support when required.

Blocked Attachment Types

The following attachment types are blocked by Mailsphere:

  • *.ade
  • *.adp
  • *.bat
  • *.chm
  • *.cmd
  • *.com
  • *.cpl
  • *.exe
  • *.hta
  • *.ins
  • *.isp
  • *.jse
  • *.lib
  • *.mde
  • *.msc
  • *.msp
  • *.mst
  • *.pif
  • *.scr
  • *.sct
  • *.shb
  • *.sys
  • *.vb
  • *.vbe
  • *.vbs
  • *.vxd
  • *.wsc
  • *.wsf
  • *.wsh

If a user wishes to receive one of the above attachment types they should use an encrypted compressed file to receive or, preferably use an FTP site or cloud storage solution to transfer.