Kerio Configuration Guide

The following article will explain how to configure Kerio email server to operate with the Mailsphere cloud.

SMTP Relay Configuration

First of all ensure that any firewalls in use will allow traffic on port 25 from the Mailsphere MTA IP addresses (detailed below).

The first configuration to add is the SMTP relay configuration in Kerio.

Ensure that 'Allow Relay only for - Users from IP address group' is checked.

Note: 'Users authenticated through SMTP server' can remain checked if this is already enabled.

Next to the IP Group drop down list click edit to create a new group.  This guide will go through the details of how to set this up.

Create a new group called 'Mailsphere' with the following Mailsphere MTA IP addresses associated with it:

Once this is complete contact Mailsphere support to confirm connectivity.

Security Settings

In the Kerio SMTP configuration under Security Options:

Ensure that 'Max. number of messages sent in one hour' is disabled.

SMTP Delivery

SMTP Delivery

To start routing outgoing email through Mailsphere we need to update the configuration in SMTP Delivery with the above configuration.  Mailsphere does not use authentication with the SMTP delivery as the traffic for the domain is authenticated via the IP address of the Kerio server.

Archiving Internal Email

Archiving Internal Email

The email travelling inbound (sent by an external sender) or outbound (sent to an external recipient) is automatically archived by Mailsphere.  To archive internal communications (email sent between users of the same Kerio email server) we need to configure the remote archiving rules.

The configuration above will enable this facility with all internal email being copied to for archive purposes.