DNS Configuration

To ensure that your email is delivered to external recipients it is vital to follow best practices in DNS configuration.  Your DNS records are used by email security solutions to validate that the email is coming from a legitimate source.  If you have a bad configuration your organisations email is likely to be treated as spam and if you have not implemented any validation records, such as SPF or DKIM, you are enabling spammers and illegitimate parties to mimic your domain when they send malicious email.

SPF Record Configuration

The SPF record is a simple text record that is added to your DNS records. This defines the legitimate sources of your domains email so receiving email systems can validate it as legitimate.

The following is a template for configuring with Mailsphere:

v=spf1 include:_spf.mailsphere.mx include:another.com include:and.another.com ~all

The example above allows you to add two other sources into this record as well as Mailsphere.  This can be helpful if you send email from another 3rd party solution, such as an email marketing solution, a CRM or support desk solution or even your own website, which may bypass Mailsphere.

If you don't use any 3rd party systems to send email under your domain then the following SPF record should be used:

v=spf1 include:_spf.mailsphere.mx ~all