Office 365 Account Connector

This article looks at the configuration and management of the Office 365 connector. The Office 365 connector enables synchronisation of domains, users, email addresses and distribution groups with Mailsphere so you don't need to worry.


The following must be set up before the Office 365 connector can be successfully configured:

  1. An Office 365 account with Administrator access.
  2. An Azure AD connected to your Office 365 account - more details can be found here.
  3. A Mailsphere account that you wish to link with the Office 365 account with Administrator access.

Connecting your Office 365 account to Mailsphere

Login to Mailsphere and go to Organisations - Overview.  If you are a Mailsphere partner and manage multiple accounts ensure that you have the correct account selected in the drop down list in the top left corner.

Select Edit Organisation to modify the configuration.

Add your Office 365 tenant ID

In the Organisation Details section you will find a dedicated field for adding the Office 365 Tenant ID.  This is automatically created with all Office 365 accounts.  

To find what your tenant ID is follow the steps below:

Login to Office 365 as an Administrator

Select the Admin option from the Office 365 menu.

Select Domains from the Admin Center menu

You may have multiple domains listed in this screen. Please reference the domain with the extension as this is the default domain assigned to all Office 365 accounts.  In the example above the tenant ID is 'mailsphere365'.

Update the Tenant ID with the referenced value

Update the Tenant ID with the referenced value

Once the tenant ID has been added please click 'Update Organisation' to save the changes.

Enable Office 365

Enable Office 365

Now that your Mailsphere account has an Office 365 Tenant ID you will notice a new button has been enabled.  If you are ready to connect the accounts please select Enable Office 365.

Sign in to your Office 365 account

Sign in to your Office 365 account

if you are already logged into the Office 365 account you wish to connect as an administrator then proceed with that user or login as another user with administrator rights.

Authorise the Mailsphere Connector

You will now be asked to authorise the Mailsphere connector and shown the permissions that the connector will use.  Please review these permissions and Accept if you wish to continue.

Office 365 Connector Options

Office 365 Connector Options

Now that you have successfully connected your Mailsphere account to your Office 365 account you will notice three new options in the Organisation view.

  1. User Sync - this allows you to run a manual user sync anytime you want. Mailsphere refreshes the domain and user details once a day but if new details need to synchronised this option will help accomplish this.
  2. Mail Synchronisation - when you first connect your Mailsphere account to Office 365 there may be emails in your mailboxes that you would like to bring into your Mailsphere archive.  The synchronisation is scheduled automatically and this option allows you to check the status of that task.  Typically this will have completed within 24 hours of adding your account.  For larger accounts it may take longer as Mailsphere runs this in the background choosing periods of low activity.
  3. Re-authorise Office 365 - this final option is used to refresh the connection between Mailsphere and Office 365.  The authentication keys used by the two clouds have an expiry date and when these expire they will need to be re-authenticated by a user with administrator permissions.